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3 Must-Try Drinks at Urban Location

Urban Location Best Boba Milk Tea

Are you tired of ordering the same drink from the same boba shop day in and day out? Give Urban Location a try and check out our menu of tasty hot snacks and refreshing drinks! Urban Location Boba Tea House is conveniently located off of the 22 Freeway in Garden Grove, CA. When you’re craving an ice cold milk tea or a fresh fruit smoothie, there’s no better place to satisfy your taste buds than Urban Location!

Can’t decide what to try first? Let us help! Here are three of Urban Location’s top-selling boba milk tea drinks to get you started:

1. Milk Tea with Boba

Let’s get started with a classic. The milk tea with boba is the boba drink that kicked off the bubble tea craze. We love a classic boba milk tea with its simple, yet satisfying black tea flavor. Add boba pearls for a sweet and refreshing afternoon treat!

2. Hokkaido Green Milk Tea with Boba

Up next is an all-time customer favorite - the Hokkaido Green Milk Tea. Try Urban Location’s Hokkaido Green Milk Tea and taste it’s creamy, caramel flavor. Unlike other boba shops serving Hokkaido Milk Tea, Urban Location serves up a Hokkaido Green Milk Tea with a unique green color that you won’t find anywhere else. Try one today!

3. Thai Milk Tea with Boba

The Thai Milk Tea with Boba is another crowd favorite. With it’s creamy orange color, you might wonder what’s in this tasty milk tea. The Thai Milk Tea starts with a thai tea base, which is naturally orange, then add the milk and boba and you have that orange cream-colored boba milk tea drink called the Thai Milk Tea.

When you’re on the search for a new favorite drink or just want to try something different, visit us at Urban Location and see what we have to offer. Loved your drink? Leave us review on Yelp or Facebook. Remember, you can get rewarded for every drink purchase through our FiveStars Rewards. Please contact us with any questions or comments!

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