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5 boba tea houses in Garden Grove you must visit!

Orange County is known for its huge selection of boba/bubble tea shops.

It can be hard to choose, so maybe a top 5 list from Urban Location might help 😀(Boba shops supporting boba shops)

1. BobaPOP Tea Bar

Coming all the way from Maryland, BobaPOP Tea Bar opened its first location in Garden Grove!

Aside from their signature collection, BobaPOP's seasonal drinks with flavors like Pumpkin Caramel Milk Tea, Korean Banana Milk really set this boba tea shop apart!

"The French Bulldog logo is in remembrance of the founder’s beloved pet and companion."

Here are some photos from BobaPOP Tea Bar

2. One Zo

One Zo was established in 2015 in Taiwan. They are the first cafe in the world to make their own boba in-store. This boba tea shop only has two locations in the U.S with one based in Nor-cal and the other based in Garden Grove. Lucky us yay!

3. ToCoToCo Tea

With the motto: "A boba a day keeps the sorrow away", ToCoToCo strives to deliver exceptional Milk Tea, Boba Tea, Fruit Tea, Macchiato Signature, Yakult Drinks and Snacks!

Some of their most popular items

  • Tiger Sugar Milk Tea

  • Honey Lemon Kumquat Tea

  • Paradise Tea

P/S: Check into their Yelp to receives a free topping on your visit!

4. R&B Tea

With 800 locations worldwide, R&B Tea creates their drinks with quality tea leaves from Ceylon/Sri Lanka; Nantou, Taiwan; ZheJiang, China.

Their popular items include:

  • Hawaiian Fruit Tea

  • Brown Sugar Boba Milk

  • Cheese Cream Series

  • Dragon Ball Boba

5. Urban Location

Last but not least, Urban Location!

Founded in 2015, we strive to serve the most innovative drinks and mouthwatering food. Everything is made and cooked to order, with fresh ingredients and unique flavors.

Our business is family owned, so if you ever miss mom's cooking, give us a visit because that's the taste of Urban Location ❤️

I hope you found this list useful.

Have a great food adventure at your favorite local boba shop~

________________________ Contact us at Urban Location Boba Tea House Website: Facebook: Instagram: Yelp:

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