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The next location could be yours!

One-Off Franchise Fee: $30,000

Royalty Fee %

Marketing Fee: 2% of Sales

Franchise Structure

Upfront payment for Urban Location upon signing franchise contract.
This is a one-off payment

This is our early-franchise special. As we are in a growing stage, we've waived this monthly royalty fee for the first 5 franchises. Two more spots left!

We waive this fee for the first 6 months to make sure your business is stable.
After that, we take 2% of your monthly sales revenue to run all marketing and advertising supports for your location (i.e. Facebook ads, Instagram, Google SEO)


Setting Up

⭐ Consulting and evaluating the potential of the location to launch your store
⭐ Helping to negotiate with property landlord for the best deal
⭐ Directly working with architecture and construction team to ensure the layout and drawing plan of the store following the guidelines of Urban Location's optimal settings.
⭐ Working with all Government agencies (City, Fire Department, Health,...) to ensure clearance of all required business documents and licenses.
⭐ Supervising and managing the construction/renovation process from start to completion.
⭐ Consulting on equipment list and supplies for purchasing.



⭐ Training your new team to ensure the best service quality.
⭐ Managing all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Website, Yelp, Google, etc. to ensure the best publicity for the Urban Location brand.
⭐ Running promotion campaigns to generate sales.
⭐ Training the store on new products / seasonal limited offers to create more excitement for customers.
⭐ Creating all marketing materials (i.e. product photos / video clips / posters / banners...) to advertise the products and the store on social media


⭐ If you have any difficulty in your business, we are always here to help you out.
⭐ Constantly giving advice and consultation to resolve business issues.
⭐ Maintaining and growing traffic for the store through social media advertising.
⭐ Adjusting the menu to adapt to market trend.

We will be there with you until your franchise can
run smoothly on its own!


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