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Top 3 healthiest bubble tea toppings!

Urban Location Boba Tea House has a wide variety of fun toppings that you can choose from. But did you know that some of these toppings are actually pretty healthy?

Here are the top 3 healthiest bubble tea toppings at our boba tea house

1.Chia Seed

Chia seeds is loaded with protein and healthy fat! By itself, chia seeds has a crunchy texture. But when properly prepared, chia seeds turn into a gel like mixture. This topping will also provide your body fiber. Amazing!

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known for its magic at giving us beautiful skin. Add aloe vera to your favorite bubble tea drink to provide your body with hydration, improved digestion, and improved liver function. LOVE ET!

3. Grass Jelly

This topping varies in color: white, green, black. It's jelly like and it's refreshing! Grass jelly has a lot of benefits like promoting digestive health, promoting weight loss, and improving digestion.

The next time you visit your favorite "boba near me" location (or Urban Location 😉) substitute boba with one of these bad... good boys for a healthy treat!

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