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Aliza's First Time

Like most people, our Instagram ad made Aliza stomach grumble when she saw it on Instagram one night.

It's 10 PM at night and local boba shop would be closed by now, but lucky for Aliza, Urban Location Boba Tea House opens until 11 PM ✨

She drives out to our South Gate store~

Urban Location @ South Gate city

Nothing screams "Welcome to Urban Location" louder than the vibrant neon light that stays up through the night. Aliza walks through the iconic red phone booth door and readies herself for a feast!

Aliza is an adventurer.

The typical milk tea with boba / bubble milk tea won't do it for her.

She came to the right store!

After speaking to our lovely staff Michelle, Aliza decided to order a strawberry tornado, sweet potato fries, orange chicken rice, and an egg waffle.

All of these came out to be around $30.

It's definitely a feast.

Aliza loves every item.

She is surprised at how good the sweet potato fries was. It's crunchy yet tender, lightly topped with powdered sugar.

The orange chicken meal is flavorful and packed with savory protein bites, served in a tidy to-go box that allows customers to conveniently bring home leftover.

Aliza takes a sip of the strawberry tornado and registers in her head that this is her newest favorite drink.

Her stomach is full by now, so she saves the egg waffle for her little brother.

"Urban Location is such a dope spot for good food and drink. I was only planning to get everything to-go, but this inviting atmosphere makes it hard to resist the temptation to chill here for a while. Will definitely come back!"

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