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Outdoor dining is back!

Dining out is an irreplaceable experience. PERIODT!

Uber can't replace it.

Doordash can't replace it.

Home-cook can't replace it (sorry mom)

Eating at a restaurant is a unique experience.

That feeling of freedom on the drive to the local boba shop, the excitement of deciding what to order, the feeling of relief when you're seated, the excitement when the cashier calls out your brown sugar milk tea, the first sip, the hanging around with your friends long after,...

Nothing can replace.

It was only when dining out was taken away from us that we realize we all miss it.

We miss a lot of things.

It's almost a year since everything shut down.

But finally...


We're allowed to open our patio.

We're allowed to seat you outside our restaurant.

We're one step closer to what used to be.

And we are so freaking excited to welcome you all back to your favorite boba tea house.

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