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The famous Egg Waffle 🔥

It's been more than a year since Urban Location Boba Tea House introduced the delicious Egg Waffle to the world.

Originally from Taiwan, this puffy, hot, and irritable sensation has become local boba enthusiasts favorite snack to pair with their icy boba milk tea!

Here's how it's made

House-made batter and toppings are added to our awesome waffle maker machine

There are 3 flavors you can choose from: original, chocolate, and cheese!

Here's the result after 7 minutes of patience 🤩

If you haven't already, come try this delicious item at Urban Location~

We are have two locations in Garden Grove and South Gate!

See you soon <3

________________________ Contact Us at Urban Location Boba Tea House Website: Facebook: Instagram: Yelp:


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