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Here's How You Can Help Urban Location

Grab a Cup of Coffee at Urban Location

Urban Location Boba Tea House can use your help! You might be wondering how you can help, and the answer is quite simple - leave us a review on Yelp about your experience, whether it was outstanding or unsatisfactory. We would love to hear your feedback and can definitely use your comments to continually improve our products and service.

At Urban Location, we strive to serve our customers with quality drinks and want to ensure everyone leaves our Garden Grove tea house satisfied. Craving a sweet treat or a hot snack, Urban Location’s diverse menu offers popular drinks, like our Hokkaido Green Milk Tea or Thai Green Tea, and food items which include chicken sticks and garlic fries. There’s plenty more to choose from at Urban Location. Check out our menu online, or better yet, visit us in person today!

Your satisfaction at Urban Location Boba Tea House is a priority. If you’re not completely satisfied with your drink or food purchase, let us know and we’ll fix it immediately! We want you to enjoy your visit each and every time you come in. Your comments on Yelp can help us improve in every way possible.

If you had an exceptional experience at Urban Location, leave us a Yelp review, and if there is something that did not impress you, we want to hear about it, too. Not a Yelper or prefer to chat with us privately? Send us your suggestions and feedback via our contact us page. We’re all ears!

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