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I would never be able to find these drinks at 7 Leaves or Tastea...

Are you somebody who enjoys having many choices when it comes to picking boba tea?

Here at Urban Location Boba Tea House, there is a wide variety of delicious drinks to choose from.

Prepare yourself.

Let's talk about the oreo milkshake.

My little brother is obsessed with this drink.

Look how the cream overflows the cup and is topped off with a cute little oreo.

As far as taste goes, it is delicious. Creamy and soft, every sip will take you to chocolate heaven!

You're going to be asking for more because I know my little brother did when he finished the cup in 5 minutes.

Then there's the Créme Bruleé Thai Slushie.



Urban Location Boba Tea House prides itself on our crazy drink inventions.

The Créme Bruleé series is half dessert half drink.

They literally spread housemade creme brulee around the cup, then fill it up with flavored tea and toppings.

You can't go wrong with boba as a topping, but I personally like aloe vera because aloe vera is good for the skin~. I would never be able to find this at 7 Leaves or Tastea.

Last but not least, the Matcha Trio.

This drink is so aesthetically good looking.

It got red, white, and green wrapped around the cup.

If I didn't have such a hard time resisting the urge to slurp the whole cup when the cashier hands me the drink, I would take the Matcha Trio on a photoshoot.

My mom loves this drink. She said this is the only "boba near me" shop that has such creative drink inventions.

Which drink from Urban Location Boba Tea Hosue is your favorite?

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