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Fries Galore

Urban Location is not just a regular boba shop, we are a tea house known for having a huge selection of refreshments, delicious food, and a cozy space to study and mingle.

So... how "huge" is this selection?

Well, let's start with the most fundamental snack: FRIES.

Whether you’re a fan of cheesy fries that satisfy your need for a savory bite or sweeter fries that are lighter on the palate, there’s something on the menu for you!

Our boba tea house serves 5 different types of fries that you can choose from: Nacho Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, French Fries, Curly Fries, and Garlic Fries.

First up: Cheddar Fries!

Here at Urban Location Boba Tea House, we LOVE Cheetos and wanted a way to incorporate this cheesy, powdery flavor into our menu! We decided to use a potato base that leaned more on the starchy side, then coated it with flavor-packed cheddar. Every bite gives the same cheesy taste and texture as a Cheeto, with the tangy aftertaste that we know and love.

If you’re looking for something less dense but just as satisfying, our Sweet Potato Fries are the way to go. Each batch of sweet potato fries is prepared to be crispy on the outside, while maintaining a soft and fluffy interior. The sweet potato has a subtle, earthy sweetness that’s balanced by the ketchup we pair with it.

If you want an extra fun flavor, ask for sweet chili sauce on the side!

Nacho Fries from Urban Location Boba Tea House is not only a flavor bomb, but is also the most photogenic out of the 5 siblings.

(Shhh... Don't tell Garlic Fries)

Enter: Garlic Fries

Always in a who-makes-the-best-Instagram-photo with Nacho Fries. But at the end of the day, Garlic Fries knows that not many can resist the magical union of crunchy fries and garlic toppings.

Just look at that.

Curly Fries lovers are folks who love novelty.

The random curly shapes make every bite feels exciting in your tastebuds.

Which one of these fries do you love most?

- Love, Urban Location Boba Tea House

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