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A boba tea house where new friendship blossom

I get a special discount on the entire menu for being the shop's very own content creator.

It's a privilege I don't mind admitting because I use it for good.

Good as in treating my friends to a full course meal at Urban Location Boba Tea House in exchange for their faces in our Instagram feed~

So yeah, I bring friends to Urban Location all the time.

Like this one time...

Have you ever met someone and knew instantly you must introduce them to this friend of yours because you have a feeling they would get along well?

That's Ivy and Nikki for me.

It was around December, two years ago, when I brought the two friends together, right here at Urban Location Boba Tea House to kick it.

I can remember what we order... mainly because I can refer to the photos in my Lightroom.

We ordered... cheetos fries, matcha green milk tea, matcha tornado, and popcorn chicken.

Ivy chose the seat by the window after receiving a creative inspiration: taking the pic through the glass window.


As we searched around the store for more photo idea, Niki grabbed a bunch of magazines and asked for an editorial style shot: face close up, champagne-glass-but-in-this-case-boba-milk-tea in hand, and an inviting wink~

The food came out just as we finished up.

We gathered around the table and began the party.

It didn't take long for Nikki and Ivy to warm up to each other when they first shook hands. And after that photoshoot, they instantly became best friends!

This simple moment in time is another piece of the puzzle of memories created at Urban Location Boba Tea House.



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