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A customer developed a secret recipe with our food and it is freaking awesome!

The waffle cone here is by far my favorite item on Urban Location’s menu.

I came on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

My friend ordered the food, and at the time the waffle cone had just been released on the menu.

He got it for us, and when it came out I just thought it was just going to taste like any generic frozen waffles I've picked up from the grocery store.

But man I was wrong

My first bite into it was crunchy and it has a soft inside texture.

I devoured the entire thing within 5 minutes!

I got a second order of waffle and brought it home.

I had a plan: topping the waffle with ice cream!


If Urban Location Boba Tea House starts making waffle ice cream, everyone would go nuts!

Like... what boba store near you even sell food, let alone... waffle ice cream???

The next time I visit, I wanna combine the waffle cone with their popcorn chicken. I have a good feeling it's going to be freaking delicious!

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