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What is Boba Milk Tea?

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Growing up in Orange County, we were pretty fond of the tea shops serving those colorful drinks with little black balls floating around the bottom of the cup. We also knew that the little black balls in these sweet drinks were chewy and quite sticky. We’re talking about boba, most commonly served in milk teas. Of course, there are many variations to this drink referred to as boba milk tea, pearl milk tea, or even bubble tea, depending on where you grew up. At Urban Location Boba Tea House, we proudly serve tasty boba milk tea drinks, as well as coffee, smoothie, and frappuccino options in the Garden Grove, CA area!

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So what exactly are these chewy little black balls? These boba balls are quite simply tapioca balls, oftentimes sweetened with honey or given fruity flavors and added to your favorite tea. Along with the addition of sugar and milk, boba can transform your drink altogether. Hence, the name boba milk tea. From the traditional Black Milk Tea and Thai Milk Tea to Urban Location’s special Hokkaido Green Milk Tea and Thai Green Milk Tea, we have plenty of milk teas to add boba to. The different combinations of boba drinks are pretty much endless with your choice of teas, boba, and other add-ins.

Urban Location Boba Milk Tea

Boba, or Bubble Tea has its origins in Taiwan, but its popularity has grown far and wide. That is why you’ll find all kinds of boba shops in Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, Westminster, and all over Orange County. Though there are numerous stories of how exactly bubble tea came about, there’s no denying that the teas have grown in popularity in recent times.

If you’re craving an ice cold boba milk tea, an eye-opening cup of coffee, or refreshing fruit smoothie, Urban Location is the place to be. Our boba shop in Garden Grove, CA also serves up tasty and unique urban creations, including Bacon Nacho Fries, Cheddar Fries, and our Urban Noodle. Check out our menu and try it all! Your satisfaction is our top priority, so if you’re not in love with your food or drink order, let us know immediately, and we will be happy to fix it according to your taste. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us!

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