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What Your Coffee Says About You

Try the Urban Coffee at Urban Location

If the first thing you reach for every morning is a cup of joe, you might just have to admit that you’re addicted to coffee. What’s even better than enjoying just one cup of coffee? You can enjoy your coffee pretty much anywhere with the many coffee shops in Orange County, CA. If you’re looking for a spot to satisfy your coffee craving, Urban Location Boba Tea House is just one of the numerous places for coffee in Garden Grove, CA.

At Urban Location, we do things a little differently. Not only do we brew our own signature coffee, but we also serve up delicious boba drinks and tasty snacks. Plus, our coffee shop offers up a spacious and casual environment, so it’s the perfect stop for coffee, as well as a great place to get some work done. Our menu offers up a variety of coffee drinks including traditional coffee, cafe lattes, frappuccinos, and even our very own Urban Coffee. Swing on by before or after work, and give Urban Location in Garden Grove, CA a try!

Urban Location Signature Urban Coffee

Have You Found “The One”?

So you’re in love with coffee, but do you know what coffee is saying about you behind your back? Whether you’re addicted to espresso, lattes, black coffee, iced coffee, or frappuccinos, what you drink can be an expression of your personality. Take a look below!


Strong and straightforward. Your espresso cravings could be hinting at your natural leadership. You may work hard, but you also play hard. With your leadership, you inspire others to work hard, too.


Laid-back and imaginative. Latte drinkers may have a hard time making decisions. You don’t typically over-analyze the situation, but you tend to let your imagination consider all possible options first.

Iced Coffee

Confident. Iced coffee drinkers are assertive, and don’t have time for drama. You have no problem expressing your opinion, and your confidence shows as you will choose an iced coffee even in the winter.

Urban Location Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino


Adventurous. You choose to be spontaneous, rather than plan every detail of your day. Frappuccino lovers easily share their positive energy. Naturally energetic, you don’t need to load up on caffeine to get through your day.

Black Coffee

The minimalist. Need we say more? You don’t need much more to get through the day. Your straightforwardness makes your friendship worth keeping around.

No judgement here - we’re all coffee addicts! Perhaps your coffee choices match your personality, or maybe they’re way off, but there’s one thing that we know for sure, and it’s that you love coffee! When you’re craving coffee, or looking to try something new in the Orange County area, visit us at Urban Location Boba Tea House near Westminster and Fountain Valley. Check out our menu online, and contact us to learn more about our catering or to place an order over the phone!

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